Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pin Cushion Effect

I've been at home for just over a week, and I now know what a voodoo doll feels like. In the space of 4 days Rae, Oscar and I have had: diptheria, typhoid, Hep A & B, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, cholera, tetanus, swine flu and polio jabs. We are through the first stage, and only have a handful of boosters to go through over the next couple of weeks. Currently we are down in Pembrokeshire completing the final leg of our Goodbye Everyone tour. Next week the three of us are making an appearance at the Indonesian Embassy in London to submit our passports to get the visas we need. After that I'm going to try and squeeze in an application for a second passport before I leave on September 15th. Rae is mentally gearing up for the 1st of October. Busy days.

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