Saturday, 26 March 2011

Air, Sea & Land

It's been a very busy week - on Sunday and Monday I travelled down to Perth for the Tuesday morning meeting at Eni, which I followed by a couple of other business meetings and a late night reporting my activity. On Wednesday I had to go to the airport early to make sure two crew members who were travelling out to the Saipem 10K made their check-ins, and then I had to hang around for my own flight to Karratha. From Karratha I flew to the 10K where I spent the night so that I could get a review of Geolog's service, as well as conduct an audit and review my own crew (Mark says "Hello dad"). Then it was back to Perth on Thursday night, and on Friday a follow-up meeting at the Eni office, with a meeting with our consultant immediately after. Afterwards I had to head straight to the airport to catch my flight to Bali and make a tight connection to Jogjakarta so that I could enjoy a long weekend in Magelang with family and friends. Which is where I am now. I'm exhausted so it's lucky we are at a really plush hotel on the bank of a beautiful river.

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