Sunday, 12 June 2011

Pinch Me, I'm In Brissy

The last two days have seen us carrying on up from Coffs Harbour to Lennox Head, NSW where we called into Celia's (an old school friend) for the night. We had planned to go see a roller derby match but with it being a small town and raining heavily we didn't count on them selling out of tickets! So instead we went to the pub, listened to a live band called The Lucky Wonders, and had a quiet meal at Celia's. The next morning (which is today) had us on the road at 9am and in Byrons Bay only half an hour later. Max and I walked up to the lighthouse at Byrons Head, took some snaps and beat a hasty retreat as the rain set in. We then drove up to Surfer's Paradise and had an all-you-can-eat brekkie (at noon) before carrying on up north

Max and I are currently skirting the eastern edge of Brisbane's urban sprawl as we head towards the Gateway Bridge and over to the north side of the city where our staff house is. The CBD is just off to the left and I'm not sure if I'm awake or dreaming.

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