Friday, 30 December 2011

100th Post: Where's The Blog?

I'll admit I've been slack. Looking back to the last post (August 19th) you'd think that nothing has happened in my life. On the contrary, plenty has happened but not quite enough to prevent me from blogging. Hence the admission of slackness.

So what has happened since we bought the Hyundai? Well, the first thing that happened ( a week later) was it broke down! The central locking system gypped out and we had to get RACQ to tow the car back from the shops, and then get an auto-electrician to cut the after-market central locking out. Bummer. The car is still running OK though.

We've had a batch of visitors come to stay - the first was Rae's parents, John and Megan, who paid us a month long visit in September. They spent a few weeks enjoying time with Oscar and the city, and we all went to stay on Moreton Island to bask in the sun and splash in the sea for a week. Jason, university friend/best man/Oscar's god father came for an evening but unfortunately I was away on a rig for a week. Ang and Paige, friends from Indonesia and now living in New Zealand, came for a week and the little ones had a blast catching up.

In other car news I am now the proud owner of a Mitsubishi Pajero GLS NH. We bought our second Aussie motor just before Christmas, and after getting the fuel gauge repaired and the tyres replaced it's fine for fun, and I plan on spending the occasional weekend on the beach with the gang.

There's probably more to type about, but leaping ahead to last week: We had a lovely Christmas with a family that Rae and Oscar had made friends with. We went to South Bank for a picnic/BBQ next to the water play area, and Oscar wore himself out. We left early in the afternoon as the sun was climbing, and spent the rest of the day lazing at home. Plenty of Skype calls between aunts, uncles, nannas and grandads were made that day! Oscar's birthday, with an equal amount of Skyping, followed Christmas Day with a garden pirate-themed party for the kids and a BBQ for the grown ups.

In coming news, we will be swapping Hamilton (I'm fed up with the birds waking me up at stupid o'clock, and Rae and Oscar are sick of the trains at the bottom of the garden) for Nudgee during the Australia Day long weekend towards the end of January.

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