Tuesday, 6 April 2010

There (Again)

It's been months since I lasted posted, so here is a belated update. My last 3 week hitch (February 24th to March 17th) to the Ensco 71 went by so quickly I didn't have time to post. We saw ten days of continuous drilling, which was extraordinary, followed by wiper trips, casing runs and a complicated cement job. Personally I had some highs (my 38th birthday) and some lows (being prevented from boarding my plane at Stansted by officious Ryanair staff, and 4 days/6000 ft of bad gas data) and pretty much enjoyed my time out there. What was really special was seeing the production reservoir - my first "wet" hole!

The well is now in its completions phase so I'll get an uncommonly quiet hitch, starting tomorrow when I get to the rig. Currently I am travelling to Stansted in order to catch my flight to Billund. (Hopefully I'll actually catch this one!)

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