Thursday, 11 February 2010

Home Again

I had a truely horrendous journey to Esbjerg. The 7pm heli arrived at 9pm and then we went to another rig supposedly to refuel. When we got arrived we had to take our baggage off the chopper and once onboard we had our life jackets taken from us and handed over to some other guys who were waiting for our arrival. Alarm bells began to ring when we were ushered into a heli lounge and the radio op said that the chopper would be back in an hour to pick us up. We finally got off that rig at gone 10:30 and then had an hour and a quarter back to Esbjerg, landing just after midnight.

One of the guys from the Ensco 71 gave me a lift to Billund where, at 0050am, I found the hotel locked up. By 1am I was in my room but, bear in mind I'd been up since 5am that morning, too frazzled to sleep and ended up watching TV until just before 2. As I was dropping off the guy in the room next to me started to vomit very loudly, and repeatedly flush the toilet, for half an hour. Then I had to get up at 8am to catch my flight to Stansted.

Happily everything after that was plain sailing and Rae picked me up at the train station in Huntingdon just after 1230.

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