Friday, 22 October 2010

Away, Away On The Saipem 10K

This post comes live from the Saipem 10,000 drillship somewhere in the Makassar Straits.

Yesterday I took a 20 minute chopper ride (not my shortest by the way) in a Huey out to the Saipem 10,000 which is on location offshore Borneo. The purpose of my visit was to reconnoiter the ship to complete a pre rig-up survey, determine the lay of the land and see what facilities the ship has.

As my stay was only 24 hours I had complete the survey lickety-split, which meant 10 hours of cambering over pipework, climbing ladders, squeezing through crawlspaces and crawling along cable racks with a tape measure; so plenty of pictures, notes and sketches. The net result is that apart from having a clearer picture of what the rig-up entails, I got my coveralls dirty for the first time in months. And it felt good!

I also got incredibly sweaty because it's like a cauldron out here. The temperature was over 30C and with all the water around us, plus the lack of breeze, the humidity was 100%. I think I sweated out a couple of kilos, all of which ended up in my clothes. I've never perspired through my coveralls before - they weighed a ton when I took them off. I reckon I was more physically drained from the climate than the physical exertion, and I slept like a log last night.

The last few rig-up issues were completed with a face-to-face with the company man and rig superintendent and now I am ready to fly back home today - just in time for lunch. It was very strange feeling to take a trip offshore knowing I didn't have to work a twelve hour shift for several weeks, and it made me feel like a VIP to come out for one day.

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  1. Hi Jeremy,

    Am off to the 10k in the next week. Any advice or tips for working on it? How stable is it to work on?