Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Shipping Box Status: ARRIVED

I don't think that I have even mentioned the saga of our shipping boxes once on this thread. Mrs Mudblogger (aka Rachel) has been posting all about it on her own blog every so often. If you haven't been reading them (and why should you, after all this blog is enough to make everyone happy) The boxes were collected from our house in the UK in August and put on the boat at the start of September. They were only meant to take 8 to 10 weeks from departure to arrival, plus a couple of weeks for Customs clearance here in Indonesia. After 6 weeks we had an email telling us that in the next 2 weeks we would get notification when our boxes would arrive. Well, nothing came so after another fortnight Mrs Mudblogger started hassling them for info. They couldn't tell us anything, except that our boxes were in Hong Kong. Look at a map - HK is way out of the way. We started to get worried so I enlisted the help of a local international shipping agent and he started making calls. He didn't get much further either, so we all settled in for some bad news.

But low and behold after months and months of silence they turned up, a little battered, today at work. The office driver and strongman is taking them over to the house at this very minute. Christmas has come early for Mudblogger Jnr!

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