Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Indonesian Utilities

One of the downsides of living here is that electricity and water supplies are intermittent. To combat the lack of power we have a small generator that is connected to the electrical cabling inside the house. And we have a 2500 litre water tank on the flat roof for when we have no water.

Normally the power supply is fine - and maybe drops out for 10 minutes every couple of days, so no great hardship. And up until a few days ago we've had no water issues, but yesterday that changed when, at 5am, the water went off. It's been 28 hours and we are at 50% capacity in the reserve water tank.

As a result of this we are washing Indonesian-style: scooping up buckets of cold water and hurridly rinsing off the shampoo and soap. Even in this hot climate it's a shocking experience.

Good job we're off to a 5-star hotel in Lombok. Yeah baby!

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