Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What A Weekend!

We three had a fabulous weekend - our first as a family in Australia since our holiday in 2009. Have you ever watched one of those "you need to move to Australia" shows like Wanted Down Under or Poms In Paradise where a family sits in a park (preferably one next to a golden beach) cooking sausages, steaks and kebabs on a free public barbeque while drinking a cold beer and enjoying a fresh breeze and a clear blue sky? Well, that was us on Saturday when we met up with Nigel (a friend from a long time ago in a little Welsh town far, far away), his wife Nicky and their bub Sophie.

Sunday was a more typical weekend for the Beckett family - shopping, shopping, shopping. We had to start stocking up for the house we are going to rent so we made a quick run to Chermside Mall, which has a K-Mart, a Target and a Big W. After spending a couple of hours (and a couple of hundred bucks) picking up essentials, before driving across Brisbane to hit Ikea. Oscar wasn't too keen on more shopping so we told him we were taking him to an out-tunnel-slide (his word for a kiddies indoor playpark), which seemed to satisfy him. We dropped him off in Småland (not the Swedish province but the creche that Ikea runs while we grabbed some furniture for Oscar's new room and miscellany from the market place. True to form we found more than we expected and ended up with three full trolleys by the time we got to the tills.

Final words: Australia is fab.

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