Thursday, 26 April 2012

Country Towns, AU

I had to go into Roma (out in central south-west Queensland) today and had the nicest of experiences. Firstly I was in Woolworths picking up some essential supplies and ran short of coins. Before I could blink three people were thrusting 50 cent pieces out to me. The overriding consensus was that money was there to be shared. I felt honoured, and it was only the first of three similar experiences I would have today.

The second came when I went to get a chipped windscreen repaired. Leonna at Roma Windscreens jiggered her workload to fit me in, then drove me back in to town while the work was done and then picked me up to retrieve my ute. When I went to settle the bill it was "Nah darl, that's fine." Lovely!

Then I went to pick up the spare tyre that I was getting replaced at BJs Tyres. The work wasn't done when I got there and the guy explained that he had to order the tyre in, and it would take a week. When I explained that I was uncomfortable driving around the tracks without a spare they found a second hand tyre and fitted it. For free!

How's that for country town hospitality?

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  1. Good ole Aussie bush hospitality mate! You wont find that in the city!