Monday, 16 April 2012


Our Mitusbishi Pajero has given up the ghost. A few weeks ago I was driving down the motorway when the engine starting making a more alarming clunk than normal. I just got to my exit and she cut out. I got it recovered and taken to the mechanics - the verdict was not good. We are considering our options: replace the Pajero's engine, find something new to drive or I get the motorbike I've been hankering after.

This morning Oscar asked what had happened to our 4WD and I explained that it’s engine had died, so it had gone to heaven. He laughed and said “No, there’s no such place as car heaven”. Then I told him that TVs and computers go to silicon heaven when they broke down. “No, that’s not real” he said. “But where do all the calculators go?” I asked “Oh” was his reply and he wandered off with a thoughtful look on his face.

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