Thursday, 6 January 2011

Lombok Over

Lombok was lovely. We were dead lazy and stayed at the hotel, except for one foray to the capital (15 mins away) for a McDs which wasn't very nice. So plenty of pool time and some major tannage.

The beaches were nice, but our pool was 3ft from the sand so we just stayed in the pool. Besides, the sea was quite rough so the water was full of stirred up sand. I don't know about you but I like to see where I am putting my feet (especially after I've read a warning about sea urchins) and I didn't have any shoes so none of us went further than ankle depth. Water was amazingly warm though.

But there were some sand fleas, which bit Oscar and Rae. Oscar got a little confused when he tried to say "Mummy is a bit itchy" and it came out "Mummy bitchy". Bless!

Apart from Oscar opening his pressies Christmas came and went without much recognition. He was more devoted to his birthday. "3 December, 3 December, on December 26 I be 3" he kept telling people - he's still saying it now even though we keep telling him he's already 3 ("yes daddy, I be 3 December"). But he had a lovely time opening his Thomas the Tank Engine train sets at breakfast and for several hours afterward. He got his last present (a bicycle) a couple of days ago and peddles around the house on it.

New Year defo came and went without any recognition. We got some invites out but we were knackered from the trip so went to bed. We expected it to be very noisy but by 00:10 it was all over.

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