Thursday, 20 January 2011


Last week I was made Grand Master of the Family Hash. I know I haven't mentioned hashing before so for those of you who are oblivious to this quintessentially expat activity I refer you to Wikipedia. Our courses are only 3km long and generally laid out with children in mind. The family hash is attended by a handful of Indonesians, some Chinese and a growing number of expats families who take turns to bring a picnic for the kiddies to enjoy at the end of the race.

As the grand master I conduct the "circle" at the end of the run, and come up with ways to get people to down a cup of water/Sprite/beer in order to ridicule them.

The main event of the circle is to give runners their hash names which they earn after 10 runs. This Tuesday just gone Rachel and Oscar were given their names by popular vote. They are supposed to reflect something about their nature, a bit like a traditional American Indian's name, but most often they are just silly and for fun. Oscar was given "Double Fizzy" because we entice him with two Sprites (which he calls "fizzy") at the end of the run to encourage him to walk the entire course, and Rachel got "Miss Fizz" because she is the mummy of Double Fizzy and it sounds a bit like misfit. Despite being the Grand Master I have not done 10 runs yet and have to attend 2 more family hashes to get mine.

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