Saturday, 23 April 2011

Funny Things I Have Seen

I meant for this to be an on-going feature of my blog, but with our time here coming to an end (more on that later) I'm posting the first batch in one go instead.

From left to right:

Weight Gain formula - despite having the kind of figures that most Westerners aspire to, Indonesian's believe that a heavy figure (i.e. fat) shows that you have plenty of money to spend on food, so they dose their children with this kind of crap to look affluent.

Willy Sausages - I really don't think I have to explain why this is funny.

Cheese Timtams - Timtams are an iconic chocolate biscuit (much like Penguin bars but nicer). Cheese is great. But put them together? Only in Indonesia.

Bird's Nest House - rearing swallows to harvest their nests to the Chinese bird's nest soup market is an industry here. Huge edifices with swallow-sized holes are built in the middle of residential areas (meaning you get bird poo everywhere) to allow the birds to make nests, which are then removed and ground up and sold at +$1500/kg. So if you ever see a documentary on Discovery that says the farmers climb up rickety bamboo poles to get the nests from cavern roofs you now know the truth.

The next FTIHS will be dedicated to the idiots who ride motorbikes here.

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