Saturday, 23 April 2011

Oscar The Otter

We were invited to Brent and Arlene's house for a BBQ on Friday afternoon, and since they have a pool in their garden we presumed to bring our swimmers. Oscar made a beeline from the car to the pool (fervently avoiding the slobbering attention of their dog Jack) and would have been straight on except for the fact he was still in his normal clothes.

On Saturday we made our usual mid-day retreat to the BDI pool and met up with newcomers Jeff and Monica, who brought their two daughters. Robin and Kirsty came along after about an hour and all the kids played together until rain threatened and the pool got to crowded when the locals started arriving in the late avo.

Oscar's confidence is coming on leaps and bounds. He will happily dive off the edge, swim around for a few breaths before circling back and pull himself out to do it all again. He can just about swim unassisted for 3 or 4m now, and once he remembers to come up for a lungful of air he'll be at the point we can let him be. Not bad for only 3 months of weekly lessons, plus the occasional afternoon here and there.

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