Saturday, 30 April 2011

Of Man Dates & Quiz Nights

With Mrs and Little Mudblogger back in the UK for a month or so I'm without domestic companionship. Luckily my chums here have all been in the same situation and have found various forms of distractions. Friday night saw Arlene on a girl's night out so Brent and I took ourselves over to BSB, played a couple of games of pool (2 -1 to Brent), had a couple of Coronas (which were $5 a bottle DURING Happy Hour!), saw Fair Game (I struggled to stay awake) at the cinema and had a coffee (I struggled to get to sleep).

Tonight was the first (and hopefully not last) pub quiz at the King's Head Tavern. It was organised by mum's whose kids go to the Australian International School. Our team, The Valsalva Maneuvers (Jim, Maxine, Libby, Jeff and Maxine's parents John and Eve), was on track to win but then word got out that points could be bought and so other teams were magically earning 25 points during a 10 point round. Libby, Jeff and I decided that we would prefer win a moral victory rather than get involved in the cash for questions game, but at the last minute Jim put his hand in his pocket and came out with 1,000,000 rupiah and bribed the scorekeepers to let us win. Still, it was for charity and several hundred dollars were raised for the school. And it meant I wasn't stuck back home, moping after my family. So everybody won :)

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