Friday, 27 May 2011

Day Of Days

It was said that the day that the Allies landed on the Normandy coast was The Longest Day, but I beg to differ because today has been far, far longer. I woke up to find that the water for our neighbourhood had been turned down to a bare trickle so I could just about manage a cold shower. Then I popped to work - where atypically everything went smoothly - but when I went to leave I found my driver had gone to Friday prayer and wouldn't be back for an hour. When I did get home the electricity was out so I had to crank up the generator. And there was still no water so no pre-departure hot shower. After gobbling down half a dozen leftover bacon rashers, finishing off all my errands I did a whistle-stop tour to say good bye to everyone. If I missed you I am sorry. Then it was back to work to drop off the car, house keys and do the final sign out.

I am currently over at Brent and Arlene's house as they have graciously put me up for the afternoon/evening as I wait out my remaining hours in Balikpapan before my flight at 9pm.

Bye bye Balikpapan, hello rest of my life.

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