Sunday, 1 May 2011

Moving To Fourecks

The news is out already but for any of my readers who don't yet know, Rae, Oscar and I will be moving to Australia in about 4 weeks or so. A month or so ago I was offered a job as a Coal Seam Gas Team Leader, based in Brisbane. The job comes with a 457 (long term temporary resident) visa and an excellent package.

I spoke with Geolog management about the opportunity and they agreed that it was something that I should not miss out on, and we came to amicable terms of separation. I will see out the Saipem 10K project until the end of the current well and when Geolog and I are in agreement that a proper handover to my replacement has been completed I will leave for Australia and a life down under.

I have a couple of weeks orientation and training to go through in Newcastle, NSW before I move up to Brisbane where the family will join me to house hunt and await the arrival of our shipment.


  1. Thanks for letting me know ya chump!

  2. I did. I emailed you at work. Twice.

  3. lol lemme guess, to my deployed account and seeing im back home I wouldnt get it! Have you still got my older work email addy without the y50 part of the address?

  4. I only have one email address for you now. Any others were on the laptop that got stolen (see earlier posts).

    Look for me on Skye - I've got Rae's laptop so it'll be her account.

  5. Yer ok, i sent my email address to you via a message on there

  6. I saw you pop up on Skype a few minutes ago but I haven't received anything. I sent you my email address about 6 hours ago and even though you've logged on since I sent it the messages are still circling.

    So jump back on Skype and stay on longer than 30 seconds.