Friday, 6 May 2011

This Old House

The packers were round today so the house feels even emptier. It's nice to know our stuff is heading towards Jakarta, and once we provide proof of my visa it'll be moved to Singapore and then on to Brisbania.

It struck me that we haven't shown anyone the furniture we picked up in Indonesia so I have taken a handful of shots of our possessions.

The crew from DB Schenker arrived right on time at 8:30am. I had taken the day off so I could attend the great pack up of 2011, and had planned to have a lie in to 8am but the phone rang at 6:30am so I was up with before the beepy man.

The big pack went swimmingly and in no time at all the guys had all of our stuff boxed, wrapped and bundled. Take special note of the team photo around Rae's cherished pod chair - it took the four of them nearly an hour to construct a cardboard shell for it.

In the late afternoon, just before the heavens opened, the container truck arrived and Yunni and I waved a tearful goodbye. The saddest thing of all is that now our furniture is gone I have to go back to using all the crap that came with the house.

If it wasn't for the giant cupcake we would have only needed half of the 15ft long shipping container. The total box count was 49, which sounds like a lot but there is a family in Balikpapan who needed 350 boxes to ship their household here!

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  1. Ooh - 49 boxes!!

    Do you mean onto Brisbane from Singapore?