Monday, 31 May 2010


It is now the start of my second week and I have spent the day finishing off the pit level sensors (and catching a faulty sensor during the testing process), cloning the hard drives for the four main PCs and three additional computers that each mudlogging unit uses, shuttling them to the production yard a couple of kilometres away, and starting the two gas system distribution modules that each of the new logging shacks need. Paulo returned from Indonesia today and I was able to chat with him about Balikpapan and living/working in Indonesia in general. All I can say is I'm even more eager to get there now.

In between all of this activity I was bought lunch by Mr Calleri, the owner of Geolog, and Gionata, the head of Technical Operations. I was quite nervous and worried that perhaps I was being taken to a public place so that he could give me some bad news without risking a scene. Thankfully it was an informal lunch and there was no news - good or bad - to share. And the pizza was good too.

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