Monday, 31 May 2010


So, I'm here in Milan, and for the first time that I've been here it's not raining. In fact Milan is enjoying the same heat wave that the rest of Europe is and apart from last Thursday, when it was slightly overcast and it rained lightly on and off throughout the day, the weather has been +25C with clear skies. Lovely!

I started training for my new position as an operations manager on Monday. It all began with a chat with the head of the Technical Operations department, who is largely in charge of me here. We went through my programme and it was explained to me that the production team is very busy constructing four new units (which are hopefully destined for Indonesia) so I should try and work my training around their schedule so that I can get hands on experience with all the equipment.

As it turns out this is working out great; this kind of opportunity doesn't come along very often because it means that with the production team having to put together so many units at once I have the chance to see pretty much everything in a short time period. And as a bonus I getting to work on the equipment that I may ultimately be in charge of.

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