Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lows & Highs

Today is a turning point for my current hitch. On one hand I change from night shift onto days, but on the other I have to work long hours with only short breaks for sleep to rotate around. It's nice to think that in 12 or so hours we can have some daylight after a week of darkness, but it serves to remind us that we have still another14 days to go. What has made matters worse is a quick phonecall home to find that Rachel isn't back yet and to hear Oscar cry out "daddy" in the background before I had to cut the line.

I'm really looking forward to Friday because it is my halfway day. And then on Saturday I'll be on the single figure countdown to Wednesday, February 10th when I get off the rig. That's assuming the chopper makes it out (on time or at all) because the heli operator has a woeful record for keeping to a timetable in the Danish sector.

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