Tuesday, 26 January 2010

State Of Play

Things are OK here. I've only seen 60ft of drilling and now it looks like I've got a week of light work. By which I mean I'll be watching a computer screen and doing little else. Truth be told that's what I do 99% of my work day, but the current operations mean that I don't have to be super vigilant.

The only real problem of the job is that we have 4 to 5 people crammed into a 2' by 10' space, and all the chairs make it hard to get through. And the noise means I can't really concentrate. But that's only while we are drilling, which won't be for another week, so at the moment the job is a big and sweet piece of cake.

No leftovers on oil rigs. The other night I had the best offshore pizza I've ever tasted, and the night cook has started to make a evening-type meal for those of us going to bed at 6am. It's all very civilised out here.

Fourteen days left.

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