Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Where I Lay Me Down To Sleep

As promised here are a few pictures to help you understand where I spend my time. Please click on the images below to get a larger image of the North Sea and my cabin. I am currently in the top bunk, but will be swapping to the lower one later today when the day shift crewchange.

Ensco 71 Cabin 208

The room is somewhat Spartan but with time we'll make it our own. It does come with an adjoining loo (with a sink, toilet, shower and faint odour of urine), a porthole that gives me a view of the lifeboats, a couple of lockers and a desk with an LCD TV. And yes, that is an IKEA PoƄng chair. How exciting - I got to use the Scanadanavian keyboard for real!

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