Friday, 22 January 2010

A Whole New World

I'm four days into my hitch and have got over the worst of shift change - going from my natural state of being on days to a nocturnal lifestyle - so I'm in the frame of mind to share my thoughts.

I have to say that the food is good (there's your answer Julia!) so I'm being careful about the size of my portions. The cooks here would happily fill your plate with steak, fried chicken, roast pork, tacos, meatloaf, roast vegetables, scrambled eggs, sausages and cover it all with gravy if you let them. I'm not getting anywhere near as much exercise as I used to for HDC, but there are plenty of steps and stairs to climb, plus I haven't found any potato salad or cheese cake in the galley yet, so I'm not in danger of blobbing out. Aside form the usual smoking and non-smoking rec rooms (with TV, DVD player and Wii) the rig also has a a gym and a sauna. There's also a small shop (called the "bond") selling toiletries, sweets, fizzy drinks, perfumes and fags. All tax free :)

I'll save a description of my room for another post. I've taken a photo of it but I can't get a wifi signal strong enough to upload it.

Seventeen days to go.

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